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Homeownership is part of the American Dream.
But refinancing your mortgage can be
a nightmare. What if you could lower your
interest rate without feeling like you’re
starting from square one?

The HarmonyLoan™ from Mortgage Harmony Corp.™
enables consumers to take advantage of lower interest rates,
eliminate hassle and cost, and avoid credit risk.

Moving Up

Purchasers like to "move up" within 5 years. What is the Best way to build equity in a flat appreciation market? Go with a 5/1 ARM. This illustration shows you how much equity your purchasers would have after 5 years taking the monthly savings on a 5/1 ARM and applying it to the principal each month.

5/1 ARM versus 30 year Fixed
$400,000 starting loan amount
30 year 4.75% $365,350 balance after 5 years at 4.75%. $34,650 paid down on the mortgage
5/1 ARM 3.5% $358,000 balance after 5 years 3.5% $42,000 paid down on the mortgage
Save $290 per month going with the 5/1
Add the $290 to your payment each month.
$338,700 balance after 5 years $61,300 paid down on the mortgage!!!

Best way for your purchasers to build equity!


No Negative Amortization

No Pre-Payment Penalty

"Click" a button, Change your Rate!

What is a HarmonyLoan™?
The HarmonyLoan™ is a consumer friendly mortgage product that gives greater economic security by providing member-initiated interest rate changes at the "click" of a button. In other words, when interest rate fall, you simply "click" a button to lower your rate without going through a painful, costly refinance.
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How does the HarmonyLoan™ work?
Borrowers manage their own modification through our state-of-the-art web technology.
  • A simple "click" will lock in new terms (rate & fixed period);
  • Must wait 6 months after closing before the first opportunity to "click" (modify);
  • After first 6 months can only "click" every 120 days; and
  • Loan must be current with NO late payments in past 12 months.
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Are there truly NO closing costs when I "click" the button?
Yes! Closing costs are normally associated with a refinance. Closing costs on a typical refinance can range from $2000-$10,000 and more. We call that the OLD Way. Welcome to the NEW Way: The HarmonyLoan™! When you "click" the button to reset your rate there are NO closing costs added back to your loan.
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