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Homeownership is part of the American Dream.
But refinancing your mortgage can be
a nightmare. What if you could lower your
interest rate without feeling like you’re
starting from square one?

The HarmonyLoan™ enables consumers to take advantage of lower interest rates,
eliminate hassle and cost, and avoid credit risk.
What mortgage products are available under the HarmonyLoan™?
Conforming and Jumbo 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 ARMS.
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Do I need to qualify when I go through the HarmonyLoan™ again?
No! There is no new appraisal, no underwriting, no credit check, and no hassles!!
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If rates go down further, can I go through the HarmonyLoan™ again?
YES! That is one of the greatest advantages of the HarmonyLoan™. You can go through the HarmonyLoan™ as many times as you want provided you meet the conditions in the HarmonyLoan™ parameters.
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Take advantage of lower interest rates

Your loan officer will work with you over time to ensure your interest rate is competitive. No refinance required. That means you don’t have to worry whether you’ve locked yourself into a rate that might improve if you just hold out. In fact, you can request a rate reset every 120 days.

Eliminate hassle and cost

The paperwork. The fees. The negotiation. Refinancing is like starting over. With a HarmonyLoan, when interest rates drop, yours will, too. All you need is a phone and a solid payment history. No closing costs, no additional fees.

Avoid credit risk

When you refinance a traditional loan, the rate is based on your current credit score. Any changes – such as a job loss, salary decline or significant purchase – can impact your ability to lower your rate. As long as you pay on time, you can lower your rate instantly.

Where is HarmonyLoan™ available?

The HarmonyLoan is available in all 50 states.

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